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Financial Freedom: Here's Where To Start

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

It wasn’t until the mid-1970s that women could open a credit card in their own name. If you feel like finances are a daunting topic, you have every right to feel that way. But we can’t change the past. In true Cacti fashion, we look at the issue at hand and tackle it head-on – no excuses.

One of the most in-demand topics we get asked about is budgeting, gaining true financial freedom, and paying off debts. To provide as much value as we can, we reached out to Patricia Whittaker, founder of Afirefi. Patricia graduated from NYU's Stern School of Business with a degree in Finance/International Business. She worked on the international equity market trading floor in direct contact with the firm's Trading and Corporate finance departments (AKA she knows what she’s talking about).

After leaving Wall Street and noticing a gap in the finance market with females, Patricia created the platform Afirefi which takes the stuffiness out of finance (and the financial frustration you might be experiencing). The platform supports the dreams and goals you see for yourself through education, practice, tips, support, and more. We asked her some of the most FAQs from our community, so let’s dive into it!


  • Start At Your Childhood: Money affects every single area of your life whether you like it or not. Start backward and ask yourself what effect has money had on your life, how did your parents act with money? Notice your current habits so you can begin establishing new ones.

  • Find The Difference Between Want & Need: What do you really need? Society pressures you to buy things from your ego. Get clear on what you truly need (not want) by journaling a list.


  • Open up an account: Find a company in your country where you know the government ensures that money.

  • Make sure that you’re comfortable with the platform (In Person vs Digital): If something goes wrong and you need support, make sure you can pick up the phone or go inside a branch and someone will help you.

  • Auto-Save: Warren Buffet always says “spend what you have left after saving.” – To make this process more seamless, have an auto-deposit set up from your checking accounts so it automates the process.


Patricia recommends following the 50-30-20 rule. 50% = essentials, 30% = fun money, 20% = saving for your future self.


Think about your ideal day. What does this look like? When would you work out? What hobbies would you do? Begin working towards that ideal day. A key reminder that this isn’t going to happen overnight. This is a long-term plan that your future self will thank you for 10 years down the road. The first step is simply looking at how much money you make each month and understanding where that money is going.

Watch the full video on Cacti Wellness, here. We dive much further into the topic and give you actionable steps on things you can do today. Let’s make money a normal topic for women.

Learn more about Patricia and her platform Afirefi here.

The Cacti Team

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