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Morning, Angel 👼🏽: Productivity Era (June 27)

A Note From Our Founder

Thursday morning has quickly become my favorite time of week! Thank you so much for being here and supporting the first month of our newsletter.

I'm writing this from my hotel room with a view of the LA skyline at 1 Hotel West Hollywood. I've had a super busy week here with meetings with my favorite activewear brands, amazing publicists, and agencies that I work with frequently on partnerships. Always a whirlwind when I'm in LA, but I'm already dreaming of the Erewhon breakfast burrito I'm going to have after hitting send ;)

Heading out to Newport Beach this afternoon for my best friend's wedding (it's my first time being Maid of Honor!) and I can't wait to fill my cup with love from some of my closest friends and Cali sunshine.

Business wise, we have a VERY exciting launch coming on 7/17. Mark your calendars!! sneak peak in the picture above.

Hope you're having the best week, Angels 👼🏽

Don't forget to read the whole newsletter for a surprise...

x Kira


Cacti Wellness IRL

Summer events are in full swing and we had so much fun over the last week with our community!

We partnered with The Sleep Code (our go-to pajama brand) for a Summer Wellness Morning. Pilates Sculpt and Guided Meditation + all attendees went home with the cutest embroidered pajamas from The Sleep Code's summer collection! Recap reel here 🍓🍰

On Saturday, Kira spoke at Her Conference (Her Campus Media's Annual Conference) and led our signature Manifestation session with a visualization meditation and goal setting workshop. Such an honor to kick off the conference in a vibey, inspiring way.


Productive Wellness Unlock
The Secret to Having a Solid Morning Routine

Do you have plans for a productive morning but find yourself hitting snooze or getting caught in a scroll cycle? Our founder has built her personal brand by sharing her morning routine on Instagram Reels, and one of the most common questions she receives is "how do you wake up so early"?

Believe it or not, the unlock here actually has little to do with your morning, but instead, your night. Locking in a solid nighttime routine is essential for getting adequate sleep, feeling invigorated in the morning, and taking full advantage of your waking hours. From red light to putting your phone on airplane mode, there are lots of small changes you can implement to drastically increase your sleep (and in turn, your morning routine).


Currently Trending On The App

Minimalism doesn't just apply to material items, this meditation helps you clear the clutter in your mind through visualization practices. Use this meditation to when you’re feeling overwhelmed or need to press pause on an overthinking loop.



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a free month of access)


New & Now in the Wellness World:

Using Your Cycle to Optimize Your Work Schedule:

Ever notice how your productivity seems to ebb and flow throughout the month? The truth is the corporate schedule was created for men who have a hormone cycle of 24 hours. As women, our hormone cycle lasts ~28 days, and so our productivity, creativity, energy, etc is naturally varying throughout the month. By syncing your cycle with different tasks (administrative, public speaking, creative brainstorms) we can step into our power and unlock the magic of being a woman in the workforce!


Protein PLEASE:

Protein is an essential macro-nutrient that's always been a part of our diet, but it-girls across the world have been advocating for an increase this season. Scientists recommend that active women have upwards of 50g a day, and let's be honest... this can be a hard number to hit if you're not focused on it. When choosing protein sources, we recommend aiming for snacks that have a 10:1 calorie to protein ratio. For example, if the snack is 100 calories, it should have 10 grams of protein. Sharing a round up of some great snack ideas for our girls on the go:

The Collagen Comeback:

Speaking of protein... enter Collagen. As the most abundant protein in the body, collagen keeps everything from your skin to your joints to your digestion in tip-top shape. That being said, it decreases while we age, so we are big advocates for adding it to your daily routine. Collagen was a big wellness "trend" circa 2016, but the benefits are here to stay.


 That's all for this week, angels!


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