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Morning, Angels 👼🏽: It's Summer Friday Eve (June 13)

A Note From Our Founder

Round 2! I've been looking forward to sending this newsletter and connecting with y'all all week!!

Our team has been in hyper-focus mode prepping for our first ever Wellness Retreat this weekend in Montauk (more details on that below).

We truly love producing in-person events, meeting our community, and working with brands that we admire - I feel so fortunate that this is my job. Each event takes ~1 month to plan and we usually have between 2-4 events a month, so if you do the ~girl math~ we're essentially always in planning mode. It's beyond worth it because there's nothing more fulfilling than seeing all of the hard work come to life. We'll share a full recap of this weekend in next week's newsletter :)

For now, enjoy this week's installment of Morning, Angels.

I'd love to hear your feedback and I read all of the replies!

x Kira


Productive Wellness Unlock

Swap Blue Light for Red Light

We want to start off by saying, contrary to the recent narrative, blue light isn’t the devil. It’s actually amazing for you during daylight hours because it boosts attention, reaction times, and mood! But when we’re winding down for bed, that’s the opposite of what we want…blue light at night throws the body's biological clock—circadian rhythm—out of whack. Sleep suffers. Not good.

Try This: Use dim red lights for night lights. Red light is less likely to shift circadian rhythm and suppress melatonin.


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New & Now in the Wellness World:

Cures for Jet Lag:

With summer travels coming up, it’s important to know how to make the most of your holiday. According to sleep coach Kelly Murray, helping shift your circadian rhythm days before travel (going to bed earlier, minimizing light exposure), limiting caffeine and melatonin intake during this period, and exposing oneself to blue light at times that correlate with daytime at your destination are all ways to ease jet lag symptoms. (Goop)

The Poppi Controversy:

One of our favorite beverages is facing some heat due to recent claims that this “healthy” soda is falsely advertising its benefits. Despite advertising and slogans, it was revealed that “a consumer would need to drink more than four Poppi sodas in a day to realize any potential health benefits from its prebiotic fiber.” That being said, our team is a big fan of the beverage and we'll still be drinking it! We believe it's definitely a healthy alternative to conventional soda. However, this is a great case study on the power of marketing - it's important to do your own research to understand nutrition facts / priorities before choosing what to consume.


 That's all for this week, angels!


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