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Morning, Angels 👼🏽: The Longest Day of the Year (June 20)

A Note From Our Founder

Good morning & happy summer solstice! I can't believe we're already ~ half way through the year. I have a late dinner tonight, so I'm happy the sunlight will be on my side because usually I have a 6 PM cut off for all dinner plans 😅

This past weekend we had our wellness retreat in The Hamptons and it was truly everything I dreamed of and more. Perfect weather, the most amazing people, and, of course, blissful Cacti Wellness workouts, meditations, and talks. I recapped the weekend here if you want to see more!

I'm heading to SoCal early next week for some meetings & my best friend's wedding (!!!), so I'm spending the weekend packing and enjoying quiet moments at home. Fun fact, before NYC I lived in LA for 4 years, so it always feels comfortable and familiar traveling there.

We have some really fun tips and wellness news below, so enjoy this edition of Morning, Angels 👼🏽 and have the best weekend!

x Kira


Productive Wellness Unlock

5 Ways to Make Your Space More Productive

Whether you’re a WFH girlie or corporate go-getter, your environment has a big influence on daily productivity. These are our 5 recommendations to make your space more productive: 


1. Make your bed

2. Buy a physical planner

3. Get some natural night 

4. Buy a plant

5. Add a personal touch  

 Long story short, clutter makes us less productive. Our number one tip is to focus on what you can control. With time, you can curate your space so that it works for you and not against you. 


Currently Trending On The App

Summer travels mean we’re on the go, and often find it difficult to keep up with our routines. Our Standing Series is perfect for the moments where you find yourself without a mat or are working with limited space. Improve your posture and lift your heart rate with this 9-minute burn. 

(new here? use code TRYCACTI for

a free month of access)


 New & Now in the Wellness World:

Celine Raises the Bar for Luxury Pilates:

The French fashion house, Celine, has just made its mark in the world of fitness. Starting in October 2024, the luxury Pilates collection of logo-adorned kettlebells, mats, baseball caps, headphones, and more will be available online and in stores. It just so happens to compliment our upcoming CW product launch quite nicely ;)

Cold Plunges are still IN for Summer🧊:

As the weather heats up (especially in NYC!), we're craving the cold plunge and the benefits that come with it. While we love wellness brands like Plunge (and they just introduced this brand new $2k shower for contrast therapy) it's not necessary to splurge on fancy equipment. You can achieve major health benefits from just a 90-second cold shower! Cold showers have been shown to boost mood & energy, support immunity, enhance circulation, and even improve skin and hair. 

Hack Your Health - The Secrets of Your Gut:

Looking for a weekend watch? Unlock the secrets rooted behind gut health from doctors and scientists to get a new understanding of the power of the gut.


 That's all for this week, angels!


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