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Would We Repurchase These Popular Products? Let's Find Out

We’re back again with another roundup of our favorite wellness products but this time with a twist. We love a good PR unboxing as much as the next gal but the thing with these viral TikToks and 20-minute YouTube videos telling us we need to buy a whole new wardrobe always leaves us wondering…what happens after the unboxing? Do they still like the product after 3 months? Is it a one-time purchase? The answer seems to be strategically left out most of the time and we need answers. We always preach quality over quantity, investing in pieces and products that you’ll still love one year from now. Isn’t that really the most important thing to know when spending our hard-earned money on “the next best thing”?

We’re breaking down our approved products for the summer and answering the golden question: Would the Cacti Team repurchase?

Beauty & Skincare

Matter of Fact Vitamin C Serum: This serum gives an intense glow – without the breakouts. It’s one of the first serums that we’ve tried that’s potent enough to give results but safe for sensitive skin.

Repurchase: 10/10

CEO Glow: We love this brand (not only because the name is adorable) but also because it’s infused with advanced golden turmeric for instant vibrance and antioxidant defense.

Repurchase: 10/10

Paula’s Choice BHA Toner: The only reason you’ve never heard of Paula’s Choice could be that you don’t have social media. This toner comes with a cult-like following but I have to admit, I wasn’t obsessed with it. I already have dehydrated skin so if you’re on the oilier side – this one would be a hit!

No Repurchase: 7/10

JS Health Hair and Energy: This capsule almost falls under the wellness category…but it supplements for hair, skin, and nails (the holy trinity of beauty) – we love that it’s made with natural ingredients like kelp which also maintains energy levels and assists thyroid hormone production.

Repurchase: 10/10

Kiehls Night Cloud Cream: Our founder, Kira, asked us specifically to add this product to the list stating “my skin has never looked better.” Can’t beat that.

Repurchase: 10/10


Lemon+Ginger Shot: If we’re rating based on the feeling we get after we drink these, hard 10. But if we’re rating it based on the taste she’s a 7/10. Overall, do we really want to continue paying $4 for a shot we can make at home? Depends on the day.

No Repurchase: 7/10

Doctor Sturm Dry Brush: Is it just us or are we seeing lymphatic drainage everywhere? The Body Brush promotes blood circulation and lymph flow in the tissues and we love a good detox moment as much as the next person – this at-home brush allows us to save a few bucks on in-person massages.

Repurchase: 7.5/10

Turmeric + Black Pepper Supplements: The anti-inflammatory properties of both turmeric and pepper may aid in reducing gut inflammation, which can help with digestion. I took it for 30+ days and didn’t see much difference. I was better off investing this money into a good probiotic!

No Repurchase: 7/10

Bulletproof Coffee: Bulletproof really is a one-stop shop for wellness. We always talk about habit stacking on Cacti and this product is a perfect example of that. This Bulletproof product is made with a blend of adaptogens and energy nutrients, including ginseng, cordyceps mushroom, magnesium, and MCT oil. The best part? It tastes like vanilla bean.

Repurchase: 10/10

Oura Ring: Oura shares personalized guidance on when to start winding down to improve your sleep quality. This is a mini sleep lab on your phone for under $400 USD. An investment for sure, but then again, sleep is the most important wellness tool there is.

We would 100% repurchase but hopefully will never have to based on the nature of the product!


Anything SET Active: Set Active’s mission statement is “everyday essentials, elevated” which is absolutely true. We’re in love with their matching sets and sporty suits for workouts and they’re our go-to when running errands - just throw on a big button-down or blazer and you’re good to go. They’ve truly hit the nail on the head when it comes to creating sophisticated pieces that never sacrifice comfort. Read our full blog post review dedicated to them here.

Repurchase: 9/10

Verie Ribbed Sports Bra and Biker Shorts: This brand is perfect for those on a budget who are looking for high-quality items (honestly, who doesn’t want that combo?)

Repurchase: 8/10

Alo Yoga: We’ll keep it simple – anytime we can wear our matching set to 3 different venues we know it’s a keeper. We’ll take one in every color please and thanks!

Repurchase: 9/10

TNA Butter Line: Obsessed is an understatement. I started by testing out the white tank which led to me buying leggings in 3 different colors. Although I wouldn’t wear these to a HIIT class, they’re perfect for low-impact Cacti workouts. The most comfortable line at Aritzia.

Repurchase: 9.5/10


Amazon Blue Light Glasses: One thing about Amazon products – they get the job done. These aren’t top-quality prescription glasses but for the price point, they do the job. If they broke, we would re-order because it would still be much cheaper than going to an optometrist.

Repurchase: 8/10

Beis Work Tote Black Croc: Carrying to work? Beis. After-work cocktails? Beis. Out-of-office adventures? Beis. We’re definitely Shay Mitchell fangirls but who isn’t?

Repurchase: 8.5/10

Amazon Liter Water Bottle: Let’s just say I would never reach my required water intake without this water bottle. It’s lasted me 2+ years – do dents, no rust, no mold (make sure you clean it 1x week!) It comes with an extra straw and a cleaner to make it easy for you.

Repurchase: 10/10

Amazon Cell Phone Stand: Say goodbye to tech-neck. This is something we wish we found earlier! An amazing way to alleviate the pressure we create on our shoulders, neck, and upper back.

Repurchase: 9/10

We hope you had as much fun reading this blog as we did testing all these products. Now it’s your turn – What’s one product that you would repurchase in a heartbeat? Drop it in the comments below! Gatekeeping isn’t fun for anyone.

The Cacti Team

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