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5 Simple Ways To Maximize Your Productivity (In Under 20 Minutes)

With summertime comes longer days and more free time…you know what that means? That overwhelming pressure to do more (don’t you love being type A?). Here’s your permission slip to rest. It’s crucial for your mental and physical health. At Cacti we’re all about maximizing our productivity to do more, in less time. Yes, it’s possible.

You'll want to grab a pen & a notebook and follow along as we share tutorials, time management techniques, and interviews/sessions with incredible female entrepreneurs. Check our top 5 out below!


  • Hack Your Sleep: The most underrated productivity hack. Drastically enhance your sleep with 8 steps in 8 minutes. This is your key to a more restful night and productive day. (There’s a reason we put this as #1!) (Watch Here)

  • Time Auditing: A time audit is crucial to productivity. It allows you to analyze how you actually spend your time versus how you want to spend your time & then readjust accordingly. Download the time audit workbook to get started! (Watch Here)

  • Becoming ‘That Girl’: We're growing and we're glowing. We're sitting down to chat with Allana Blumberg of @lanibfit on becoming "That Girl" over the past two years. Join us as we discuss growing an audience, juggling work & responsibilities, moving through fear, and stopping it with the excuses so we can finally get started on living our best lives for our higher self. (Watch Here)

  • Creating & Retaining Habits: Learn how to shift your routine with habits that benefit your life and growth. Watch this brief workshop and then follow along with the attached workbook to start putting information into action. (Watch Here)

  • Nutrition For Productivity: The ultimate guide to nutrition for productivity with Kayla Pomponio from Be Well With Kayla. She walks us through her story, shares her productivity tips, and what to eat for optimal energy levels and focus throughout the day. (Watch Here)

They say you’re the average of the 5 people you surround yourself most with. Community is everything when it comes to achieving your goals and maximizing your productivity which is one of the main reasons Cacti exists – to constantly be surrounded by like-minded people who want to crush their goals and live their lives to the fullest.

The Cacti Team


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