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How To Make Your Space More Productive

At Cacti we’re happily known for teaching our readers how to improve their productivity - no matter what the situation. Going on a trip? We’ve got you covered. Want to start a morning routine? Consider it done. Our main goal is to improve your focus, mindset, & body in 20-minutes or less per day. We do this by sharing the wealth of knowledge we’ve learned throughout the years (and continue to learn) with you in a way that motivates you. Productivity doesn’t have to be an intimidating word. We actually want to show you just how easy it is to implement into your lives no matter where you’re at.

When you think of the word productivity do you automatically think of things like, how much work did I get done today? Did I work out and journal this morning?

Productivity doesn’t always have to be geared towards getting things done. Productivity is all about doing things now to save you time and energy in the future. Being productive helps you build habits that make your life easier. Think of it as an investment in yourself.

But now the golden question is…how do you productively be productive? Talk about a mind f***.

One of our favorite, simple tips for becoming a more productive person is to curate your space in a way that motivates you and sets you up for success.


Whether you’re a #WFH gal or a corporate go-getter, you’ve most likely got a long to-do list of things that you want to accomplish and your environment may be getting in the way of that. A cluttered space can:

Increase Stress: ​​​​A high-quality space leads to a less stressful and more productive atmosphere. According to Fellowes wellness in the workplace survey, 87% of workers would like their current employer to offer healthier workspace benefits, with options ranging from wellness rooms to company fitness benefits.

Dim Your Creativity: When you walk into a room that’s completely disorganized, how do you feel? For most, it makes us feel a bit stressed out and even a little bit anxious. This negative energy can follow you throughout the day into your next activity and can hinder that creative light we both know you have.

Decrease Motivation: The neuroscience institute at Princeton University has proved that our brains love organization. They found when participants in their study cleared their cluttered desks they were able to focus for long periods of time and their productivity increased. See, you’re not just making it up in your head. Messy space = messy mind!

Long story short, clutter makes us less productive. Here’s how to curate your space so it works for you not against you.


Make Your Bed: Don’t roll your eyes just yet. The simple task of just making your bed gives a sense of accomplishment that carries into your day. One example is retired U.S. Navy Admiral SEAL William H. McCraven, who wrote New York Times bestseller “Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life...and Maybe the World.” He calls the habit of making the bed one of the most important lessons he learned as a Navy SEAL. Who knew you could feel productive before coffee?

Buy a Physical Planner: We’re throwing it back to the days when everything was done on pen and paper. If we’re being honest, we kind of miss it? Neuroscientists in Tokyo found that those who take notes manually (writing) performed better on their exams and boosted their memories! Saying “handwritten notes help us latch on to the information in our mind — like having a photographic memory.” All those years of journaling are really paying off.

Get Some Natural Light: This may not be available to everyone, but if possible use natural light whenever you can. A recent study at Cornell showed workers exposed to natural light experienced an 84 percent drop in issues such as headaches, eyestrain, and blurred vision. It’s not just for your next TikTok, it’s actually for your health. Try using that one on your partner next time you go apartment hunting.

Buy a Plant: Don’t worry if you’re not a certified plant mom, we have succulents that only need to be watered once every few weeks. Plants are known to purify the air and add a pop of color to the room. It’s a win-win.

Add a Personal Touch: Tap into that imagination of yours and see what you can come up with. We love adding candles, and framed photos, and setting up our vision board as our screensaver. Learn how to create a digital vision board on the Cacti blog here.

For those momma bears reading this, or for those who still live at home and have no say in the set-up we don’t want you to go in and Fung Shui the whole place. Our number one tip for you is to focus on what you can control, let this be a starting point for you, and who knows - maybe the whole fam will hop on board? We’re crossing our fingers for you!

For more content like this, head over to Instagram and follow us at @cactiapp – we’ll be showing you an inside tour of how our founder, Kira has set up her workspace to optimize her productivity.

The Cacti Team

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