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Level Up Your Wellness Game With These 9 Life-Changing Products

If you’re reading this, the chances of your wellness & beauty product stash being overwhelming are probably high. We get it, there’s something fun about scrolling through TikTok or Instagram and purchasing the next “miracle” product – wrinkle-free in 1 week? Give us 3! The power of marketing is something else, isn’t it?

But times are changing and we as consumers are starting to question…everything. Which is amazing! Who made this? Where did it actually come from? What does this insane skincare vocabulary mean to non-dermatologists like ourselves? Our trust levels with brands shot way down during the pandemic. Forbes even published an article stating that consumers now hold brands to a much higher standard since the coronavirus, because who and what we trust has shifted.

Through social media, we now get the opportunity to speak directly to brands, while also getting an inside look BTS… and honestly, we’re here for it. Transparency is going to be key moving forward for both personal brands and companies.

With all of this being said, we wanted to curate a list of wellness products that have been chosen specifically by the Cacti team. We’re self-admittedly very experienced in product testing, and these are our holy grail products.

Let’s get to it!

9 Life-Changing Wellness Products You Need:


  • Castor Oil: Castor oil has been claimed to have a slew of benefits including strengthening strands, promoting hair growth, and nourishing the dry scalp. We can testify. It works!

  • Jet Leg Mask: Summer Fridays is the “that girl” of skincare products. From its aesthetically pleasing tube to the thickness of the cream, this mask is a staple in our nighttime routines and it’s not leaving anytime soon.

Summer Friday's Jet Leg Mask (Photo from @summerfridays Instagram)

  • The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Hydrating Serum: As Allure’s 2019 Best of Beauty Award Winner, this low-ticket skincare icon is exactly the kind of serum you need whether you’re a skincare newbie or advanced skincare vet! We recommend skin types on the drier side.


  • 100 Essays That Will Change Your Life By Brianna Wiest: This book is all about pursuing purpose over passion, embracing negative thinking, and seeing the wisdom in daily routine – something the Cacti team thrives on. You’ll see us chatting about the importance of routines over on the @cactiapp Instagram.

  • The Success Principles by Jack Canfield: A staple in our personal development journey. Great for beginners who are just starting their journey. We love the way this book maps out proven principles and strategies that can be adapted for your own life – no matter what your goals are!


  • Amazon Workout Tank: An amazing $26 Lulu Align dupe! This is something we’re constantly reaching for every time we hit the gym to do a cacti workout. The fabric and fit are incredible for those shopping on a budget or looking to expand their workout wardrobe.

  • Set Active SportySuits: If you’re an avid reader of the Cacti blog you know how much we love Set Active, we even dedicated an entire blog post to them here. They’re best known for the adaptability of their pieces. Want to wear it to grab groceries? Absolutely. Your next Cacti workout? Hell yes. They’ve truly hit the nail on the head when it comes to creating sophisticated pieces that never sacrifice comfort.

  • FP Movement: Activewear doesn’t have to be boring! The reason we love FP movement’s fitness collection is that they’re so unique. If you’re looking to stand out at the gym (or on your next coffee run) this is for you.

We hope the wellness junkie inside you is shrieking right now (we know ours is). We’re dying to see your OG wellness products, tag and follow us on Instagram over at the @cactiapp and show us what you’re loving right now.

We love recommendations from our friends.

The Cacti Team

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