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Are SKIMS Actually Good Quality?

This next guest needs no introduction but just in case you’ve been on a 3-year social media detox we’ll run you through one real quick. Flashback to September of 2019, the reality TV mogul Kim Kardashian launched (and sold out) her shapewear and loungewear brand SKIMS with one goal in mind: “To consistently innovate on the past and advance our industry for the future.” And by innovate we really mean have your underwear stretch to twice its size. Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

Let’s be honest though, another celebrity creating another product line gave us the eye roll at the beginning (honestly do all females in Hollywood need a makeup line?) but our inner KUWTK fan girl said something different. We wanted to see what it was like for a non-celebrity to wear SKIMS, would we still have the same feedback? There was only one way to find out.

Our Founder and CEO, Kira, took the plunge and indulged in some extra self-care via online shopping, and let’s just say the results did not disappoint. In other words, this means that this post is in no way sponsored or gifted by SKIMS. (Image Below: Our Founder Kira in the Soft Lounge Long Sleeve Dress)

What Do You Love About Skims?

Inclusivity: It seems as though the goal for every brand lately has been to increase inclusivity and body positivity on their website, in their influencer campaigns, and on their social media platforms. But there’s a big difference between saying you’re going to be more inclusive so you don’t get “canceled”, and actually following through with it. SKIMS genuinely follows through with its mission to create essential styles for everybody. With our Founder Kira being half-Indian, she’s always felt frustrated when shopping for lounge and shapewear in “nude”. Purchasing SKIMS is the first time she’s felt included with colors that actually match her skin tone. We love a brand that follows through with its promises.

Extremely High Quality: If there’s one thing you take from this review it’s that you get what you pay for with SKIMS. The prices start at around $18 USD and move up to around $200 USD (it is very fabric dependent, real silk is going to cost you more). The quality is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before.

Increased Confidence: Each piece of clothing makes you feel like a million bucks (some might even say snatched). When we feel good about ourselves we show up differently in the world. Especially when we throw on our cotton boxers after a Cacti Wellness workout.

What SKIMS Products Do You Recommend?

The following products have been tried and tested directly by the Cacti team.

Fits Every Body Collection

Cotton Collection

Soft Lounge Dresses

Where Do You Wear SKIMS?

One amazing concept of SKIMS is that each piece is so versatile. Even the bra can peek out of a large white button-down for an elevated look. We’re constantly wearing each piece running errands, lounging around the house, heading to coffee shop meetings, you can truly dress any piece up or down. Check out Kira’s Instagram highlight to see how she styled her SKIMS pieces.

What Would You Change About SKIMS?

Limited drops are fun for certain products, but we wish they'd keep cotton and shapewear in stock.

What Would You Rate SKIMS?

We’re giving SKIMS 6/5 gold stars. You could say it's Cacti approved.

Overall we couldn’t recommend SKIMS more. The price to quality ratio is unbeatable, the versatility of each line is quite impressive and the only thing stopping us from purchasing the entire line is that it’s always out of stock.

We want to hear your SKIMS review. Are you here for the celebrity’s shapewear line? Comment below or tag us on the @cactiapp Instagram and let’s hear your honest review.

The Cacti Team

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