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SET ACTIVE: Is It Worth The Hype? | Honest Review

If you take one look at your Pinterest page, chances are you’re going to see someone, somewhere in a monochrome athleisure set. Whether they’re grabbing groceries or sipping on a $7 iced matcha, one thing we know for sure is that they look chic.

The pandemic has put a spotlight on the wearability of activewear sets, we’ve dropped jeans for leggings and swapped t-shirts for workout tanks and honestly, we are here for it. Who says you have to sacrifice comfort for style?

There are quite literally thousands of brands out there to choose from. We’re helping you narrow down these choices by doing an in-depth product review from one of the most popular brands out there - Set Active, we wanted to know, is it really worth the hype? Keep reading to find out.

(Ps. This is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Set Active, nothing in this post has been gifted by Set Active)

Our founder, Kira, wearing Set Active


EVERYDAY WEAR: Set Active’s mission statement is “everyday essentials, elevated” which is absolutely true. We’re in love with their matching sets and sporty suits for workouts and they’re our go-to when running errands - just throw on a big button-down or blazer and you’re good to go. They’ve truly hit the nail on the head when it comes to creating sophisticated pieces that never sacrifice comfort.

QUALITY PIECES: You’re paying for quality fabric with Set Active (each piece runs about $65 USD for bottoms and $50-65 USD for the top) they may be a little pricier compared to other brands but at Cacti we prefer investing in a quality piece of workout gear that’s going to last us years. Our fave is the buttery ultra-soft Lux Form fabric which is recommended for low-impact workouts, like yoga, pilates, and Cacti workouts.

SIZING & INCLUSIVITY: If you take a browse through the set active website you’ll notice immediately that their models look like the world we live in. They’re also big advocates for the LGBTQIA2S+ and BIPOC communities, which is something we always look for before purchasing from brands.

REWARD SYSTEM: The reward system at set active is a great feature. For each purchase, you receive a certain amount of points, once you gather enough points you can earn a free set which is always a great incentive. It’s nice to see brands support you when you’re constantly supporting them.

SUSTAINABLE PRACTICES: Set Active claims that they never had to dump any leftover apparel after a drop due to the fact most drops are limited edition. It feels good to wear a brand that supports such crucial values. We believe that you take on the energy of everything in your environment - clothes, food, products. It’s always important to stay curious and ask where your clothes are coming from and the impact they have on the environment.


LIMITED EDITION DROPS: Although we understand that they do these drops so they don’t have leftover apparel, it can be really tough to get your hands on a set that you love - and will never see again. We’ve learned to make the best out of it, sometimes this can be an exciting part of purchasing from Set Active.


If you can’t tell, we’re big Set Active fans. The quality is unbeatable, and they’re the first things we reach for in our closet no matter what the occasion. If price is a big factor for you, they do offer Afterpay which splits up your payment, interest-free.

As a wellness community, we’re always looking for new workout clothes to try. Comment your fave below and tell us why you love it.

What product do you want us to review next?

Happy Shopping!

The Cacti Team


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