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6 Meditations You Need To Declutter Your Mind

Before you imagine some old guy levitating in a white robe, let’s rewind for a hot minute. Meditation is like the cardio of mental workouts, we all know we should do it, the benefits have been shoved in our face (involuntarily) time and again, yet the thought of actually following through with it? The answer usually sounds something like “I’ll start Monday!”

Yes, meditation helps with patience and not accidentally telling your partner to f* off when you’re just hangry, but those are obvious reasons you’re probably tired of hearing about. We’re diving into the not-so-popular benefits of meditation that can help you reach your full potential as a human being.

Benefits of Meditation:

HELPS YOU LET GO: Not in an IDGAF way where you’re out partying every weekend, but an “I’m actually not the one in control, what’s meant for me will find me” way. Meditation makes you realize that job you thought you wanted? It was never actually meant for you, there’s something better coming for you, you just have to believe it.

HELPS ACHIEVE FITNESS GOALS: Meditation strengthens your mind to muscle receptors. It helps you slow down and stay present during your workouts. Where you feel every single fiber used, this not only prevents injury, but you’re actually getting the most out of your exercise when doing it correctly. Next time someone says, “activate your abs” you’ll know exactly what they mean (it also burns way more so you’re welcome)

HELPS YOU CHOOSE YOUR ENVIRONMENT WISELY: Meditation increases your self-awareness. When we become aware of ourselves, our triggers, what makes us feel good, not so good, we start to become much more particular about who we let into our lives. Many people realize they no longer have an interest in things they once did or people they once knew. This is a beautiful part of the growth that meditation provides. We’re not meant to stay in the same environment our whole lives.

Here Are 6 Meditations You Need to Try: In order to reach your full potential & declutter your mind.

After-Work Reset: This 5x5x5 breathing routine is unique in that it focuses on detoxing the part of our nervous system where stress lives. This is a tranquil series that helps us to fully release, unwind, and regroup after a long (& possibly stressful) day.

Walking Confidence Character Meditation: Moving your body while listening to positive affirmations and releasing limiting beliefs is a surefire way to give you the boost you need to take on the most important parts of your day!

Get Ready Medi: Listen to this meditation right when you open your eyes or while you get ready to visualize your day and mentally prepare for all of the greatness that lies ahead.

Manifest & Attract Meditation: Your thoughts create your reality - "Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right." Let's make it all about thinking "you can".

Deep Focus Meditation: Research suggests that in an eight-hour day, the average worker is only productive for two hours and 53 minutes. This meditation will help you increase that number by getting into the Deep Focus state necessary for optimal productivity.

Visualizing Simplicity: Minimalism doesn't just apply to material items, this meditation helps you simplify your mind & life through visualization practices!

The benefits of meditation are astronomical. From our personal experience, we don’t know how we survived without it *personal apology to anyone we knew pre-meditative state*. When implementing any new habit, it’s going to feel extremely uncomfy at first, here are a few of our favorite tips on how to actually stick with meditation.

How to Stick With Meditation:

START SMALL: 1 minute consistently is better than 20 minutes once

TRY ONE HABIT: For one week, try focusing on implementing just meditation. (Instead of meditation + working out + eating clean + and 4L of water. That’s exhausting just to type)

HABIT STACK: Pair your new habit with a current habit. (Example: Every time you brush your teeth in the morning, immediately following this, meditate for 1 minute) Try out our productivity workshop on how to create & retain habits here.

Honestly, there’s no reason NOT to give meditation a go. But at the end of the day, you have to want it for yourself. The good news is that you’re reading this blog for a reason and these meditations are free for 14 days, all you have to do is sign-up here.

We can’t wait to see where this takes you.

You’ve got this!

The Cacti Team


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