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Why Outsourcing Is Incredible For Your Business

For all our business owners out there, we’re sure that you’ve heard the hype around outsourcing before. And no, it’s not just hiring someone to take over your Instagram while you're on vacay.

First off, we wanted to shake things up a bit and scrap that term (it’s a little outdated, don’t you think?). We prefer the term team building. You’re building an intentional team that’s going to help you reach those thrilling (and sometimes terrifying) goals you’ve set for yourself and your business.

The Benefits of Building a Team:

FOCUS ON THE TASKS YOU EXCEL AT: Admitting you don’t know it all is in fact the very opposite of weakness. It’s a strength. Nobel Prize-winning astrophysicist Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar noted, that believing that you “know it all” can actually hinder discovery, learning, and progress. What’s a business without those 3 things?

HAVE A FRESH SET OF EYES: When things seem to be falling apart it’s typically because we’ve put all of our energy into the problem. A simple solution? Having a fresh set of eyes to look at the problem at hand.

CONSISTENCY: When it’s just you and your business, things can get overwhelming. Quickly. Hiring someone not only gives you free time but helps you show up more consistently in your business whether that’s on social media or in person. It allows you to show up with more energy, confidence, and motivation.

How to Find the Perfect Teammate:

UNDERSTAND YOUR OWN BRAND: Before you begin the process of looking for a teammate it is crucial you understand your own brand. Do you know why you started this business? Who you’re serving? What problems you’re solving? And how you’re going to solve them? If not, time to take a step back to the drawing board.

KNOW WHY YOU’RE HIRING THEM: It’s important to thoroughly understand why you’re hiring someone onto your team. This not only helps you delegate tasks but also helps you see where your strengths lie. Not to mention it makes the onboarding process much smoother.

DO YOUR RESEARCH: Before you hire anyone you should most definitely conduct an interview with them. The internet is a very unregulated place and it’s important to take as many precautions as you can. We recommend asking them to see a portfolio of their previous work and any testimonials they might have. Also, it can be super helpful to have them do a mock project that will be similar to the work they’ll be completing on the team if they are, in fact, hired.

Outsourcing can be a scary step in your business (shoutout to all of our perfectionists) but when you take the time to visualize your future and where you want to go it’s important to remember: no one made it to the top alone. Asking for help will forever be a strength.

Here’s to scaling your business, and your dreams.

We hope this helps you along your entrepreneurial journey. Follow along at @cactiapp on Instagram for more empowering content like this.

The Cacti Team

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